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Here at Going Going Bike, we search high and low to bring you some of the best in cycling gear and products.


Our webstores range from young and emerging manufacturers to brands steeped in tradition and cycling culture. Be sure to click on the webstore logos to see what each company has to offer.


Intrepid Apparel


Intrepid Apparel is a new, UK based, alternative mountain bike clothing design company. Our clothing is built with attention to detail, focus on quality and commitment to durability for the most discerning mountain bike rider. In all that we do Intrepid strives to design items of clothing without compromise that blend style with optimum performance. Intrepid's clothing will be your trusted friend whatever style of riding you enjoy.


Green Oil


Our products perform. We don't just make a token 'green range' on the side of our PTFE packed petrochemical range. We don't sacrifice performance, or respect for the environment. Why? Because every fluid used on your bike ends up in the environment, and often your skin. PTFE accumulates in the food chain, and petrochemicals pollute rivers and wildlife. 
Thats why we use only plant based, and sustainably sourced ingredients, for our performance range. We use some great innovations, like our Clean Chain degreaser gel to clean the bike chain, and our famous Bicycle Brush made from sustainably sourced wood.


Espresso wheels


Espresso is a collaboration of creative urban cyclists daring to look into the future while drawing on past classics to improve and invent cycling products for individuals. Our products combine style and quality with affordable functionality and reliability. Our aim is to provide quality parts direct to cyclists for less. We design and source parts direct from the manufacturer, import and supply directly to the customer. So our overheads are lower. And our parts come from factories that also supply the worlds biggest cycling brands.


There Cycling


We present timeless, classic retro style bicycles with 21st century components durable enough to be handed on to your children. They are easy to maintain, fantastic looking, great to be seen on and easy to ride. We only offer you bicycles we would be proud to own and ride ourselves, and we do.


Sold Secure


Welcome to SOLDSECURE.NET the online shop for Oxford Sold Secure Locks and Ground Anchors. With their roots in protecting motorcycles, Oxford products are built to protect all types of bikes whether you are out and about or at home. Both the Magnum and Revolver locks come with an anti-theft guarantee of £1000 and £500 respectively. Backed by Oxford themselves, this underlines just how confident they are in their products! The Bicycle Security Requirements of most cycle insurance policies stipulate Sold Secure rated products need to be used. The higher the cycle value, the higher the rating required. The highest rating being Sold Secure Gold for Pedal Cycles. At SOLDSECURE.NET all of our Locks and Chains are Gold Rated Sold Secure products manufactured by Oxford.


Purple Harry


Our ‘launch’ range of cycle cleaning products are aimed at the connoisseur who takes as much pride in maintaining their pride and joy as they do riding it. 
Sure we'd rather be out there on the trails or quiet country roads riding, but when it comes to cleaning and maintaining our bikes we are perfectionists. There's nothing more annoying than gears clattering, poor shifting or noisy brakes because last week's mud and grime are clogging up your components.




pOcpac water resistant pouches for storing your valuables & smartphone when out riding, and in the case of your phone keeping it completely usable. Get your kit HOME and DRY. You can market your brand on a pOcpac too. Just get in touch.


Cambridge Raincoats


With a Savile Row influence, a very British manufacturer and a healthy dose of innovation, The Cambridge Raincoat Company are providing unique rain wear for adults of all ages and fashion tastes. The range of both men's and women's raincoats is classic yet contemporary in design. With the idea initially conceived as a sartorial solution for upright cyclists, the raincoats offer qualities that make them; breathable; wind-proof; washable; highly water resistant and durable, yet the appeal of the raincoats has very much transcended these boundaries and they have become all year round fashionable investment pieces.


Nip Nip


We love bikes just as much as you do so we thought that we'd take a fresh approach to cycling. At Nip Nip we offer value for money, convenience and a great service.


Bills Bike Tools


This latest development from Bill's Bike Tools is to assist with the removal of reluctant pedals while eliminating the risk of damaging the crank, chain, bottom bracket, frame and yourself.




PROVIZ was set up in 2009 by two cycling enthusiast brothers to meet the need for affordable, light-emitting, bright and visible cycling accessories.