1 // Is it really free to list an item for sale?
Yes. Going Going Bike will not charge you for any money unless you successfuly sell the item you list (see our fees).

If you don't find a buyer the first time you can relist the item for free as many times as you want.

If you do sell your item we will send you an invoice for 10% of the sale amount (up to max of £40). No listing fees, no hidden/additional fees and no fee unless your item sells!
2 // Are you registered with Going Going Bike

In order to sell on GGB you will need to register as a Going Going Biker. It’s a quick one page form that should take less than a minute. Then you must confirm your account by following the instructions in the confirmation email we send you.

Once registered on Going Going Bike you will be able to buy and sell items, submit a photo of your bike to Bike Love and, if you want, receive our newsletter with offers, advice and gossip from the cycling world.
3 // Preparing your item for listing
Clean it up
Clean up the bike and make it all look nice. A bit of warm, soapy water can make a world of difference, make the bike look and feel great.

Nice photos
Take some nice photos of the item. But keep the file under 500K or you won't be able to upload them! Use a digital camera, good lighting, white background etc. In addition to an image of the whole item provide some nice close ups of any fancy detailing or special stuff that makes your item special.

If you're selling a bike take photos of the whole bike, the frame number, the wheels, the crankset and any scratches/defects that you should bring to peoples' attention.

Auction Format
Decide what format you want to use to list your bike or bike kit. You have the choice of auction or fixed price.

You can also decide now to have your item automatically relisted in the event that it does not sell.

Postage costs
Calculate postage (see Royal Mail website) and packaging and/or decide whether your item will be pick-up only.
4 // Listing your item
Write a good title
Write a descriptive and appealing title. This is the first thing people will see!

Drop downs
Complete as many of our drop down boxes as possible. This will result in your item being really searchable and more likely to be matched with a keen buyer.

Add a general description of the item to cover relevant information you haven't been able to provide elsewhere. You can state how quickly you will post and whether you accept returns.

Add lots of photos
Include as many photos as you can of your item (we recommend at least 3 photos for a bicycle). Remember photos can not be displayed if they are larger than 500kb. 

Auction duration and automatic relisting
You can choose an auction duration of any length to suit you and how many times your item will be relisted if it does not find a buyer. Remember Going Going Bike does not charge anything for listing or relisting items!

Link to a review
Include a Bike List review of the bike you are selling. This will give potential bidders more information on the model you are listing and (hopefully) encourage them to bid.

Payment i.d. details
Insert your payment i.d. details into the My Payment Settings. This makes payment by the buyer really straightforward. For PayPal your payment i.d. is your email address. For a webstore it is the 13 character secure merchant account i.d. that is displayed on your PayPal Profile page.
5 // Pricing, Payment and Postage
Listing price
A lower listing price, without reserve, will attract more buyers and may result in a higher final price...

State what payment method you accept. You can be paid via PayPal, Google Checkout or wire transfer.

If you've asked to be paid through PayPal you will need to let the winner know your email address.

You've calculated the cost of postage, so tell buyers this cost or whether it is pick-up only.
6 // Managing and completing sale
Keep following your listing
GGB encourages buyers and sellers to communicate throughout the listing process. As a result, keep following your listing through MY GGB and respond to buyers' queries about your listing. To help you stay in touch with potential bidders we will send you an email to notify you of a message when you receive a communication from a buyer.

Auction over!
Once the auction ends you will receive an email from GGB telling you whether your item was bought and for what price.

If the item did not attract a buyer you can relist the item for free by visiting the My GGB section of the site and click the Relist button. There's no listing fee and no limit to the number of times you may list an item for sale.

If your item was won you will receive an email from GGB telling you the winner's name. At the same time, the winner will receive an email letting them know they have won and asking them to pay you.


If you have requested payment by PayPal or through Google Checkout, now is the time to double check that you have inserted your Payment Details in the My Payment Settings page (found via My GGB).


If you do not insert your payment i.d. then you will need to contact the buyer through the GGB messaging system to pass over your payment details and arrange payment.

The Payment i.d. for PayPal is your PayPal email address and for a webstore is a 13 character secure merchant account i.d. that appears on the PayPal account Profile page.

Delivery/pick-up details
Use the GGB messaging system to confirm delivery details or when and where pick-up will occur.


We don’t disclose personal details, such as addresses, so you need to contact the buyer to receive this information.

Money Received
Once you have received payment post the item or arrange pick up as previously agreed.

Pack items well (those bikes need particularly good care and lots of bubble wrap etc.) and post in the timeframe you agreed.

Give accurate feedback on the buyer and encourage them to give feedback on you

Pay us!
Once you complete the sale we will issue you an invoice for the fees payable to us. The easiest way to arrange payment is through your GGB account. All payments to GGB should be made as soon as possible and made through PayPal.
7 // Create a Webstore
If you are a cycling retailer, drop us a message at about opening a Going Going Bike Webstore.