Roll on Friday: 50% Off Sales Commission


Not using your bike? Moving abroad? Want to fund an upgrade?              


1. List your bike on Going Going Bike for free.

> Upload up to 6 photos
> Provide detailed description of your bike
Contact us to let us know you are a Roffer* 

2. Set the price

> Need help setting a price? Ask us for a free valuation

3. Delivery Options?

> Choose to only accept collections or to deliver the bike

> We can recommend couriers to help you ship your bike

4. Bike Sold. Congratulations!

> We will send you an email to let you know.

5. Get Paid

> You receive your money as soon as the buyer pays.

> We refund you 50% of your commission. 


6. Got some more questions?

> Check out our Selling FAQs or contact us directly through the Contact Us page.

*we need to know you are taking advantage of the offer in order to give
you your discount. 

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