Going Going Bike is on a mission to create the legitimate online marketplace for used bicycles.

We have suffered at the hands of bike thieves who steal one bicycle every 60 seconds.

In addition, we know that many stolen bicycles appear for sale online. One in six victims of bike theft subsequently spot their bike for sale online.

Prove It

As a result we ask sellers to prove their bike is not stolen by providing their frame number. It’s then very easy to check if a bike is reported as stolen by inserting the number into BikeRegister.com.

Asking sellers to Prove It is recommended by police forces and cycling campaign groups as the most effective way to make sure you are not buying a stolen bicycle.

Used bicycles that have a frame number inserted can be identified on the Going Going Bike marketplace by our Prove It icon.

What else are we doing to tackle cycle crime:

1 - Policing the market

Going Going Bike actively police the marketplace to make sure that stolen bicycles are not listed for sale. With advice and support from the police we know what to look for.

2 - Promoting bicycle registration

To support our Prove It campaign we need you to register your bicycle. You can do this for free at BikeRegister.com.

You can check our guide to find our where your frame number is located (where will I find that?).

3 - Cycle Security Advice

We don't want your bicycle to fall into the hands of a thief. But to give your bike a chance you need to treat it right and protect it. We post regular articles in our blog providing advice on how to keep your bike safe.

Some of our most popular articles are:

How I lock my bike.

The importance of bike frame numbers.

The importance of a bike register.

Two good locks for maximum security.

Keep your bike safe at home and beat the thieves

Keep your lovely bicycle safe.

What to do if your bicycle is stolen.

Future blog articles will be flagged in our weekly newsletter which you can subscribe to by registering as a Going Going Biker.

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"by buying and selling on Going Going Bike, people will know they’re not encouraging bike theft or buying a stolen Brompton."

Brompton Bicycles, July 2011
"Going Going Bike makes like easier to make sure that bikes can be more easily verified."

Cycling Weekly, 11 November 2010
"www.goinggoingbike.com have stricter processes in place to ensure that bikes sold are not stolen."

Cycling Plus, December 2010
"Beating the thieves is also on the agenda for the owners of Going Going Bike, a new online marketplace for all things bike-related"

Road cc
“It looks good and I like the efforts to deter thieves with the bike certificate of ownership initiative.”

Cycling Info
"Perfect pedalling without the pesky, pernicious pedlars"