The Going Going Bike marketplace is for anyone who loves cycling, to sell cycling products to anyone so long as it is not stolen.

We have suffered at the hands of bike thieves and adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards the sale of stolen goods. Our aim is to create a legitimate marketplace for bicycles.

Our Prove It badge is awarded to every bike which states its frame number.   Prove It Badge

You can then check online bike registers to see if it is reported stolen.

The Stats

80% of cyclists report having had a bike stolen

90% of people say they have not had a stolen bike recovered

66% of people say they use their bikes less because of the fear of it being stolen.

One in six cyclists say they have spotted a stolen bike for sale online

Our Promise

We are 100% committed to creating a legitimate marketplace for used bicycles.

We review the marketplace and will delete all suspicious listings and ban all sellers who try to sell stolen bikes. They will be forbidden from using the site again. We will also pass the seller’s details to the police.

We also want to help you not to be a victim of bike theft, as a buyer of a stolen bike or by having your bike stolen. That’s why we have created an extensive number of guides on how to beat bike thieves.

How to report a Stolen Bike

If you see a suspicious bike on the Going Going Bike marketplace you can report it to us immediately. Email proveit[@] with the product details and we will get on to it.