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Cycle Hiring is Go!

Row of Boris Bikes 2

My membership key has arrived in the post and I am now ready to get cycle hiring. However, because I am off on holiday for a week my first hire will have to wait. It also gives me a further week to worry about whether I am going to be tainted by the TfL cyclist brush and lose my urban cycling credibility. READ ON

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Going Going Bike – Fantasy Vuelta League


After all our efforts to create the best fantasy cycling team for the Vuelta a Espana in the Roadcc Fantasy Vuelta Competition we have got competitive. We’ve decided to challenge you to put together a better team and enter it in our league. READ ON

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Fantasy Vuelta 2010


Who would imagine that picking my fantasy team of riders for Road CC Fantasy Vuelta 2010 could be so exhausting? I feel mentally and physically drained. Almost as if I have completed stage 8 of this year’s race which heads up to Xorret de Catí via some 20% gradient roads. READ ON

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Procycling roundup – The “what” Tour?


The Eneco Tour ain’t the most high profile in the UCI Pro-Tour calendar. It’s probably not surprising that an event that follows the Tour de France and is held the week before the Vuelta D’Espana does not get too many people over excited. READ ON

16/08/2010 // INFO Redbridge Sky Ride
14/08/2010 // INFO Chatting with Ken
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Bikes, charities and fun

Oli Broom

Lots of people are getting on their bikes to raise money for charity. This we fully encourage! Even the GB volleyball team is getting in on the action. The great thing is the ideas everyone has come up with on top … Continue reading

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24/08/2010 // GGB Cycle Challenge Evening

We have 4 guest speakers lined up to share their experiences on organising, training, fundraising and doing cool cycle challenges. There'll be plenty of time after for mingling so can exchange tips, ideas or just drinks! Starts at 6pm, first speaker ...
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