Why Going Going Bike?

Going Going Bike is the dedicated online marketplace for all things bike.  In the words of Triathlete's World "thanks to Going Going Bike, upgrading your bike has never been easier."

Below are 3 reasons to use Going Going Bike:

1 - dedicated marketplace for bikes, and cycle gear and accessories;

2 - an online cycling community attracting cyclists from all over the UK; and

3 - not eBay or Gumtree (cheaper to sell than eBay and stolen bikes not welcome!).


How much does it cost to list an item?
Going Going Bike charges no commission unless you successfuly sell the item you list (see our fees).

If you don't find a buyer the first time you can relist the item for free as many times as you want.

If you do sell your item we will send you an invoice for 10% of the sale amount (max of £40). No fee unless your item sells, no listing or advertising fee and no hidden/extra costs!
How can I create a Webstore?
If you are a cycling retailer, manufacturer or distributor, drop us a message at about opening a Going Going Bike Webstore.
Is Going Going Bike secure?

Going Going Bike has an SSL certificate to keep your information secure. In addition we don’t ever hold or know your credit card or debit card details.

We think this makes Going Going Bike a secure and safe place for you to use.

What should I look for in a second hand bike?

It’s really straightforward to choose a second hand bicycle on Going Going Bike.

To help you we also have a Second Hand Bicycle Guide blog posting.

What size bicycle should I look for?

Bike sizing can be confusing. That’s why we have created a dedicated Bike Sizing Guide blog post.

Our unique Bike Match search engine can also suggest bikes that might fit you on the basis of your height!

Can you help me with all the cycling jargon?

Yes. Check out Bikepedia: our dedicated cycling jargon buster. There is loads of jargon in the bikey world and the Bikepedia is here to bust them.

We are a cycle club, what can you do for us?
If you are a cycle club or triathlon club we would love to hear from you.

There is much we can do together, tn addition to our affiliate programme which we have created specifically for the benefit of clubs.

Please drop us an email at con[email protected]
Where can I find my bike's frame number?
Frame numbers are usually on the frame under the bottom bracket - but not always. e.g. some older bike have them stamped into the top of the seat post on the clamp bit (see illustration).
How do I pack a bicycle for posting?
In order to pack a bike you need to disassemble it, package it and box it. There are lots of online guides to packing bikes but we quite like Jim Langley's guide.
How much does it cost to post a bike?
It should cost no more than £30 to send a well packaged bike within the UK. However, it all depends on size and weight. Royal Mail will send packages of up to 20kg and 1.5m length for £14.69.
Do you run an affiliate programme?
Yes. We have a flexible affiliate programme. Please contact us at to discuss.
Can I list a bike for charity?

Of course you can list a bike for charity on Going Going Bike. Please drop us an email at to discuss.