1 // Have you registered on Going Going Bike?

In order to buy on GGB you will need to register as a Going Going Biker. It’s a quick one page form that should take less than a minute. Then you must confirm your account by following the instructions in the confirmation email we send you.

Once registered on Going Going Bike you will be able to buy and sell items, submit a photo of your bike to Bike Love and, if you want, receive our newsletter with offers, advice and gossip from the cycling world.

2 // Get searching the auctions

Going Going Bike makes finding your bike easy. You can either view everything by clicking on View All Categories or use one of our great search tools!

Bike Match
Our unique Bike Match search tool matches you with appropriate bikes once you answer three simple questions.

Browse by category
Clicking on a category will take you to all items that match that category. This can be broad (eg. clicking on Complete Bikes will result in all bikes being shown) or more precise (eg clicking on Road will provide a list of all the road bikes for sale).

Keyword search
Tap in the keyword which best describes what you want into the Search the Auctions box and click GO. This will return all items that match your keyword.
3 // Review the item

You’ve found something you like but do you want to bid for it? Now is the time to review the specific item and the seller. Here are some things to consider:

Need some advice?
Read our Second Hand Bicycle Guide for tips and advice on buying a used bicycle.

Need to read some reviews of bikes?
The Bike List have reviews of over 4,600 bikes. Have a look at their site to learn more about the item you are considering

Be inquisitive
Ask the seller questions to find out about the history of the item and answer any specific queries you may have. Each listing has a “Questions and Answers” section where you can ask a question of the seller.

Payment, Location and Shipment
To find out what payment methods are accepted, where the item is located and how you will receive the item once you buy it click on the Payment, Location and Shipment tab.

4 // Place a bid or buy now!
If you want to bid on an auction simply place your bid and click the Bid This button. This can be the highest bid you are willing to pay and GGBs proxy bidding system will bid on your behalf, only as much as is needed for you to stay the highest bidder.

We will send an email to you to let you know if you are no longer the leading bidder and we will drop an email to the winning bidder to confirm they were successful.

Buy it now
If the item is being sold for a fixed price you can buy without bidding. All you have to do is click the Buy Now button.
5 // Paying for your item
Winning an Item
Once you have won an item you will receive an email from GGB stating how much you owe the seller and asking you to pay the seller for the item.

Paying the Seller
The easiest way to pay the seller is via the Auctions You Won page. You can find this page through the My GGB page. If the seller has inserted their payment details into the site you can follow the link for simple payment.


If the seller has not inserted their payment details you can ask them for these details by sending them a message through the GGB messaging service, found at My Messages.

Easy to use
Going Going Bike uses three simple payment methods: PayPal, Google Checkout and wire transfer. They are straightforward payment methods with no extra cost for the buyer.

PayPal Buyer Protection
Payment through PayPal gives you the opportunity to benefit from PayPal's buyer protection. If a dispute arises from an item not arriving or an item not matching its description and PayPal decides in your favour PayPal will reimburse and refund 100% of your payment (including postage costs). To learn more about the protection offered by PayPal click
6 // Arrange delivery/pick-up

Send a message to the seller through the GGB messaging system to arrange delivery or pick-up of the item you have won.


We don’t disclose personal details such as your address to the seller. As a result you will need to let the seller know where they should send the item to if they have agreed to deliver it to you.


Similarly, if you have agreed to collect the item, you can arrange the details through the GGB messaging system.

7 // Give feedback
Once your bike or bike kit turns up inspect it and make sure it fits the item description and has arrived in good condition. If you are pleased with your purchase, leave the Seller feedback and encourage them to do the same for you.