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Jan 072011

As we’ve seen before on Going Going Bike social enterprise cycling businesses can offer so much to the local areas it serves.

In November, we featured such a business with a piece on London-based cycling hub Bikeworks in November.  Today we highlight York-based business Bike Rescue Project, which aims to develop on similar lines.

Bike Rescue Project

Bike Rescue Project at the moment is a Community Interest Company, this means it trades as a social business for the community’s benefit and the directors of the company do not own the assets of the business, these also belong to the community.

This week it moved into a dedicated cycling “hub” in the heart of York to carry on its business of repairing, recycling and refurbishing old bicycles (donated and recovered) that it then sells on. It has now extended its business to managing the new hub complex that also features secure cycle parking (100 places), a shop area, a café, as well as shower and changing facilities.

Publicly funded, volunteer powered

Bike Rescue also offers cycle crafts, skills and bike maintenance workshops to the local community on the site. Volunteering opportunities are also available and placements and apprenticeships are open to anyone when funding is available. There are currently four full time, six part time staff and about 15 volunteers.

The £285,000 cycle hub is based in an old electricity sub station next to Lendal Bridge and is being funded jointly by City of York Council and Cycling City York.

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