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Feb 232011
Wokingham Bikeathon

Entries opened this week for the Wokingham Bikeathon. The event will take place on 26 June 2011 and offers 55km and a 25km routes.

Bikeathons are a great excuse to get pedalling and the main aim of the Wokingham Bikeathon is to encourage people out into the fresh air and to have fun on their bikes.

There is a nominated charity for this year’s event, Building for the Future Wokingham. They are raising money for a purpose-built community centre for disabled children and their families. The organisers of the bikeathon would be delighted for riders to raise money in support of this local cause.

Participants can enter now (adults £18, children £12) and will receive a t-shirt and medal on the day, as well as a pleasant day of cycling in the Berkshire countryside.

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  2 Responses to “Wokingham Bikeathon registrations open”

  1. Picked up details of this event at the May fair and thought that would be a great thing for the family to do, but after logging on and finding out it will cost £60!! it becomes too expensive for us to do. What a shame.

    • Anne – that is a shame…cycling events do take quite a lot of marshalling and organisation and so tend to cost quite a lot.

      However, the great thing about cycling is it doesn’t cost anything to go out casually on your bikes. And with the recent good weather it has been wonderful for cycling!

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