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Jun 082011
Why we love our Babboe bicycles

We are delighted to have Babboe cargo bikes listed on our bike auctions. We asked the Babboe team to introduce the bikes to us and tell us a bit more about the cargo bikes. This is what they said:

We at Babboe want to let you know why we love our Babboes so much and why you will too.  Cycling is taking the UK by storm and we want you to know that cycling is even better when your children come along.  With a Babboe cycling with children is fun, easy, eco-friend and really saves time.

Babboe Fun

Children and babies love riding around in the Babboe cargobike so they will be excited to go places with you. Running errands, going to school or just going for a trip to the park has never been so much fun.

Unlike a bike trailer, on a Babboe the children sit in the front so you always know what they are doing and you can talk to them and connect as a family.

Babboe Easy

It’s hard to balance one, much less two children, on a normal cycle, but with the Babboe you have 3 wheels so you don’t have this problem. There is no wobbling. Your precious little ones sit safely attached with a 3-point safety harness in the Babboe carrier box and you bike around with great ease!


Riding a Babboe cargo bike, instead of using a car, is a great way to reduce carbon emissions which scientists believe contribute to global warming.

Time Saver

Most importantly, no more wasting your time looking for parking spaces or waiting for the bus or tube!  The Babboe can be conveniently parked on a Sheffield stand or sign post right near your home, local stores or your child’s school.  It’s wonderful!

Finally, a little about safety… Did you know that the Babboe has been safety tested for strength and durability by the independent testing authority SGS Group in Holland.  It also has lots of safety features built in such as 4 three point seatbelts for children, reflective pedals and tires, LED lights, steering dampeners to keep bike stable over bumps in the road and many more!

Kind regards,

The Babboe Team

You can bid on Babboe cargo bikes now!

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