Going Going Bike

Sep 232013

Do you have a Brompton you are looking to sell? We have an excellent reputation as the place to go to buy or sell legitimate used bikes. We’ve been trading for three years and attract a huge number of potential buyers weekly to the site for those looking for a second hand bike.

What’s more we are the Official Online Marketplace for Used Brompton Bikes. That’s right, we’re endorsed by the chaps at Brompton themselves.

At the moment there are more people looking for used Brompton’s than there are available to buy online. When Brompton’s are listed on Going Going Bike, they go very quickly. A sale is guaranteed.

So  we’re making Brompton owners, who for whatever reason may no longer want their bikes, an offer we hope they can’t resist.

Until the end of October 2013, we will offer to buy any Brompton Bike listed on our marketplace that has not sold within 2 weeks of it being listed.

Now that’s a tempting offer. All you have to do is list the Brompton for sale on the site and enter the frame number with the listing. If the bike hasn’t sold within 2 weeks of it being listed, we will make you an offer to buy the bike from you.

Click here to register on the Going Going Bike site and list your Brompton.

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