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May 052011

Rusty broke and was stolen. Rusty 2 hit a car. Now looking for Rusty 3. So what am I looking for in a bike? Essentially something lightweight for getting around town, suitable for someone 6 foot 2 and not too attractive as has to be left outside at night.


Rusty was a trusty old Raleigh mountain bike. Frame was a little small but still insanely heavy. Did have two wheels and got me from A to B but invariably last! (Although that may just have been my lack of power rather than Rusty’s fault). Unfortunately his star fangled nut broke and then a bike thief stole him while waiting for repairs.

Rusty 2

Rusty 2 was a single speed built round a triumph steel frame. Significantly lighter than Rusty but not as good for bunny hopping onto pavements as discovered when exploded back tire when trying it. Perfect for getting round London fast and even survived a nocturne to Brighton, although the hills weren’t too much fun. Didn’t survive hitting a car at full speed though sustaining bent front fork, top tube and bottom tube.

Rusty 3

Rusty 3? Well I’m open to ideas. Don’t think I’ll go fixed but like the simplicity of the single speed. Frame size should be 58 – 60cm. Only other specification is that brakes should work well. It helps if a car pulls out suddenly in front of you! If you have any suggestions or a bike to sell then get in touch.

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