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Vows renewed on cycling trip



We love a bit of cycling romance here on Going Going Bike and this Sunday we bring you the story of a couple renewing their wedding vows while doing a cycle ride across the UK almost exactly 30 years after they did the same trip to get married.

The couple, Lynn and Kenny Taylor, will be cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats and will stop at Gretna Green to renew their vows. Lynn and Kenny, who are now both 52, got married at Gretna in 1981 halfway through a similar cycling trip then.

Unusual marriage

When they got married in 1981 the intention had not to do it while on a cycling trip but Lynn told STV Local that she had seen all the fuss that went on with weddings and decided she didn’t want that and so got married at Gretna in Scotland.

“I just wanted a quiet wedding. So we decided to combine the wedding with our cycling.”

Significance of Gretna

Gretna has been built up as a romantic place to get married ever since old English laws didn’t allow couples under the age of 21 to get married in England without their parents consent. The same law did not exist in Scotland, where couples were free to marry with or without their parents consent at any age from 14 upwards. Couples from England on “runaway marriages” raced to Gretna to get married and town’s reputation and tourist trade has been built on this marriage folklore ever since.

Charity fundraising

Lynn and Kenny hope to be reach Gretna by August 7 when they will renew their vows in the company of their parents, four grown-up children and their partners.

The couple are raising money for a children’s charity along the way and have so far raised around £1000.

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