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Vote for Going Going Bike in the Venture Candy Public Vote


Vote for Going Going Bike Now

We have been shortlisted in the Metro Newspaper and Venture Candy competition to find Britain’s most innovative new enterprises. We really want to win and would love your support. Please click here to vote for us now.

To convince you to vote for us we will publish one blog article each day explaining why we think we should win. If you are persuaded please vote for us now.

Beating bike thieves

Going Going Bike is all about creating a legitimate marketplace for used bicycles. We have never had a stolen bike sold on our site and we aim to keep this proud record.

If you make it difficult for bike thieves to sell stolen bikes they are far less likely to want to steal bikes.

Through the use of technology, partnerships with bike registers and engagement with the police and cycling campaign groups we intend to make a real difference.

If you want to cut out bike crime then please vote for us now in the Venture Candy competition.

In addition, if you know anyone who has had a bike stolen please forward them the link and ask them to vote for us too.

However, if you’re not convinced pop back tomorrow to read the second of our great reasons to vote for Going Going Bike.

Voting in the competition runs until 11.59pm on Monday 25 July. There is no charge for voting online.

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Vote for Going Going Bike in the Venture Candy Public Vote

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Vote for Going Going Bike in the Venture Candy Public Vote

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Vote for Going Going Bike in the Venture Candy Public Vote