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Jul 112011

With a unique following of its own among the fixed and single speed cycling community, hardcourt bike polo is gaining increasing prominence here in the UK with the second ever national Bike Polo championships taking place this weekend.

Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Ice Rink is the unlikely setting for the championships with two 18×27 metre side by side courts on hand to test the 18 teams that will be taking part. Lets hope the ice has melted for the teams taking part.

Info for spectators

There will be a raised viewing gallery and an onsite bar on hand for spectators and competitors alike to quench their thirst. Spectators are asked to make a £2 donation to watch the unfolding events of the weekend.  The first matches start at 11am with everything wrapped up at 5pm on both days.

Further events

Also worth looking out for is the London Open which is taking place on the weekend of July 30 and July 31 . The London Open, which is organised by the London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association, takes place in the Hackney, in East London.

The London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association is also organising its first ladies specific tournament – Hell’s Belles, Vol 1 – for October this year. More details on that event can be found here.

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