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Tube style map shows Birmingham’s traffic-free cycle routes


Birmingham Toptubemap

Following in the footsteps of the very popular Edinburgh traffic-free cycle route map Innertube, the city of Birmingham now has its own version called the Top Tube Map.

The London Underground style cycle map gives Birmingham cyclists, new and old, excellent guidance on what traffic-free cycle routes there are across the city as they try to navigate the large conurbation.

21 different routes

The “Top Tube Map” shows 21 different routes across Birmingham using a mixture of paths, unsurfaced paths and canal towpaths. Each route is colour coded to allow users to differentiate a specific route across the city.

To see the full Top Tube Map (as a PDF), click here. If you right click on your mouse, you will be able to save the map to your computer.

Developed by cyclists

The Top Tube Map owes much to the hard work of Birmingham-based cyclist Nick Meara. Nick developed the map with the help from the members of the BirminghamCyclist forum after the tube map idea was put forward on the site in March last year.

The map is largely based on information obtained from Birmingham City Council, Sustrans and British Waterways but also takes into account the feedback of cyclists on the BirminghamCyclist forum.


Nick has managed to get funding to develop the map from a number of local Birmingham sources including a business with a cycling heritage.

Tubing firm Reynolds Technology, which has supplied the UK cycling industry with frames for decades, covered the cost of producing and printing paper copies of the map for physical distribution, while Nick also obtained funding from the Bournville Village Trust to help purchase font licenses and the hosting and domain fees of the Top Tube Map website.

Since officially launching the map, Nick has been busy setting up distribution points in Birmingham where physical copies of the Top Tube Map can be picked up by the members of the public.

Getting more people to cycle in Brum

Nick has already got some excellent coverage for the Top Tube Map with local coverage in the Birmingham Post (with a little bit of help from our Media Ed, Rajiv) and nationally with the CTC featuring the Top Tube Map in their weekly newsletter.

The hope is that by making more people aware of the map it will encourage new people to cycle in Birmingham, which is not always the most cycle friendly in terms of cycle infrastructure. If Birmingham’s public know there are safer routes to get them to work and back they may just choose the bicycle over the car.

Hats off to Nick and everyone on the BirminghamCyclist forum for the map. We know Rajiv is particularly pleased that they developed the map being a Brummie and still a regular visitor to the city (sometimes with his bike).

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