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Mar 112011

I’ve had a bike stolen. I am sure many of you reading this have had one stolen in the past. When my bike was stolen two years ago, I went into a period of mourning for it. In fact I visited Brick Lane to see if I could spot it being sold by the bike gangs that operate on street corners there.

Alas I did not see my bike there, but many people do see their stolen bikes being sold on sites such as eBay and Gumtree. If you do, the procedure is to contact the police. Once you convince them the bike is your property, they should get into contact with law enforcement officers on such sites and hopefully the seller’s details will be passed onto the police.

Man tracks stolen £300 BMX

A court case in Gloucestershire this week highlights a very successful prosecution after a stolen BMX bike was listed on eBay. In this case, Malcolm Britton of Cheltenham only went to the police once he had won the bidding auction to buy his prized possession back.

After winning the auction, Mr Britton agreed to collect the bike from the seller’s address, the details of which were duly passed onto him. He then convinced the local police that the BMX being sold by the seller was his. Following this, a local police officer went to the seller’s house and found the BMX on the property. The seller, a Ms Carole Ashton, admitted assisting in the the disposal of the bike.

Ms Ashton was given a 12 months supervision order this Wednesday when the case went to court. A man arrested at the same time as Ms Aston also admitted three charges of assisting in the disposal of other stolen bikes. Ms Ashton’s eBay account was also used for the attempted sale of those bikes.

People getting wiser to criminals’ methods

Gloucestershire police spokesman, James Woodward, told thisisgloucestershire.co.uk that they applauded Mr Britton’s initiative in tracking down the bike and hope he took some satisfaction from the outcome.

“Prosecutions like this prove people are getting wiser to criminals’ attempts to use the internet to sell stolen goods.”

As you all know there is one place where you can certain that you are buying a legitimate second hand bikes….that’s Going Going Bike!

Our innovative Prove It system has resulted in not a single stolen bike being sold on the site since our launch in 2010. We work closely with Police forces, bike registers and community groups to protect bikes and beat the thief.

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