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Jul 052013

Andy Scullion’s Tour de France t-shirt it perfect for wearing on a casual ride or whilst watching the Tour with your mates. 

There is nothing particularly bikey about the material, which is good quality 100% cotton, or the fit, which is nicely fitted but not aero…however the striking Tour de France design (is that Wiggo?) and (in my case) yellow colour makes it stand out as a cyclists’ tee.

One of the nice things about the Andy Scullion t-shirts is that you can choose from a large selection of t-shirt colours (24 choices for men and (oddly) 18 for women). I liked the yellow but the green also looks good and references the Tour in an appropriate fashion.

The Tour de France t-shirt is well priced with an RRP of £25 and is part of a range of cycling t-shirts that include a Brompton design and some more generic bike designs…all designed in a distinctive and striking way.

You can buy the t-shirt here for £20 (£5 off the RRP)

Verdict: Good quality, well fitted T-shirt with a fun and distinctive design


.Tour de France T Shirtv2Tour de France T Shirt 2


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