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Dec 302012

With 2013 just days away, we thought we’d pull together some of our best bits from the Going Going Bike blog this year. The 5 blogs chosen below have actually been chosen by you as they are the most popular blogs over 2012 in terms of numbers of visited.


A bicycle that plays vinyl records

This blog was our most visited blog in 2011 and it still proved to be ever popular in 2012.  The blog went viral in October last year due to the blog featuring on Stumbleupon (a web search engine that recommends content).  The blog entry, which is about a bicycle that can play vinyl records on its wheels as you ride, continued to attract visitors to the site after it also featured on other social media networks like Google+ and Pinterest this year.


Second hand and used bicycle buying guide

Some of the blogs we put up on the site provide useful guides to visitors/readers who may not how to approach issues related to bikes such as maintenance, preparing for rides, selling bikes etc. The most popular of these blogs continues to be our second hand and used bicycle buying guide, which we first posted in 2011. We’re glad you like our advice and continue to visit. We’ve also updated several of those guides this year with updated knowledge.


Man buys stolen bike so he can return it to the owner

Stories about bike theft and bike thieves are very popular with our readers. We are after all an e-commerce site trying to stop stolen bikes being sold online. In September, we featured a story of one honest man, who bought a bike knowing it was stolen, but had every intention of returning it to the original owner.


Aiding recovery after cycling and long rides

Another one of our knowledge articles, which debuted in January 2012. Very much aimed at the irregular cyclists or those doing Sportive rides, we put together some tips on how to aid recovery before, during and after rides. We must have said something right as people come back again and again to visit the page.


- Owner exacts full revenge on bike thief

Another story about bike theft but this time an owner takes revenge on someone selling his stolen bike and films it. The owner tracks down his bike and sets up a sting operation to confront the seller. However, everything doesn’t quite go to plan, though the owner does get the bike back


Thanks for dropping in to read our blogs in 2012. From all the team here at Going Going Bike, we wish you a Happy New Year


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