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Top blogs of 2011



With 2012 just days away, we thought we’d pull together some of our best bits from the Going Going Bike blog this year. The 10 blogs chosen below have actually been chosen by you as they are the most popular blogs over 2011 in terms of numbers of visited.

- A bicycle that plays vinyl records

This is the blog this year that lays claim to having the most visitors. When it was published in early October, there was the usual steady number of visitors to read the blog but then suddenly boom! The blog went viral due to the blog featuring on Stumbleupon (a web search engine that recommends content). We’ve had over 150,000 hits since then and remarkably the blog entry, which is about a bicycle that can play vinyl records on its wheels as you ride, continues to attract visitors to the site.

Shock as car ploughs into critical mass ride

In February, a Brazilian motorist drove at high speed into a group of cyclists enjoying a critical mass ride in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. Going Going Bike were one of the first UK language websites to bring news of this truly shocking incident before the national press covered the story a few days later. Our blog on the incident, and subsequent follow ups, generated the most comments we’ve had on any of our blogs this year.

- Stop and proof campaign brings results

This is yet another blog that stirred up the passions among you readers with 26 people commenting about this targeted campaign by Lancashire Police to stop and ask cyclists in Preston to prove the bikes they were riding were their own in a bid to catch bike thieves in the town. Most cyclists who commented on the blog and on Twitter were horrified at the Police’s approach to ask for proof of ownership with bikes being confiscated if this was not forthcoming.

- Boy’s detective work leads to recovery of stolen bikes

Everyone loves a tale about a bike thief coming up a cropper, and we featured a few of those in 2011. This blog in particular is about a 14 year old lad who managed to track down his stolen bike on the internet, confront the seller and got his bike back after proving it was his own. He also notified his local police force of the address of the seller and the Police were able to recover a haul of stolen bikes from the address.

- Cycling community show its power

When we cyclists get together, we are a powerful force. This was highlighted in October, when US car maker General Motors was forced to take down an ad for its cars in a student newspaper after cyclists the world over were angered by the ad’s anti-cycling rhetoric. Social media was very much at the heart of getting the cycling community’s message across to the corporation.

- The real Jeremy Clarkson super-injunction

As you may have gathered, the tone of our blogs and website is very much about fun. This means we can put in the odd mischievous blog when we want to. In April, we put up a blog about Jeremy Clarkson, who was at that time, the subject of rumours about him cheating on his wife. There were also rumours at the time that Jeremy has put out a super injunction (which subsequently was true) to stop details of his private life being leaked out by the press. Our blog, rather tongue in cheek, revealed that the super injunction was in fact to do with Jeremy cheating on his car by riding mountain bikes on the weekends. We ranked highly with this blog on Google search in April as you can imagine.

- Second hand and used bicycle buying guide

Some of the blogs we put up on the site provide useful guides to visitors/readers who may not how to approach issues related to bikes such as maintenance, preparing for rides, selling bikes etc. The most popular of these blogs is our second hand and used bicycle buying guide. We’re glad you like our advice.

- What to say when a driver shouts at you

In August, we featured this blog on how one should respond to a motorist if some verbal abuse is directed at you while riding. We passed on some choice retorts you could respond to a driver with in the blog and asked readers/visitor for their own favourite way to respond to an abusive driver when out cycling.

- Wearing a short skirt while cycling deemed a distraction

We were a bit sceptical of a marketing stunt when we first went with this blog story of a Dutch lady in New York being told that her short skirt and the showing of her bare legs while cycling was a distraction to motorists by a local cop. The lady in question was an employee of a Dutch bicycle manufacturer after all. We’ll let you make your own judgement on reading the blog but the right to wear short skirts while out cycling is something worth protecting if you ask us.

- Police threaten fines over anti-social cycling

We cyclists hate being victimised, particularly when it seems motorists are being protected in some way over us in a conflict. This story about police threatening to fine cyclists for inconsiderate cycling  irked many a reader, with much of the ire directed at Surrey Police. To be fair to Surrey Police, they did read our blog and respond to readers’ comments about their actions in the region.

Thanks for dropping in to read our blogs in 2011, We look forward to providing you with much more content in 2012. From all the team here at Going Going Bike, we wish you a Happy New Year

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