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Thursday Throwdown: cycling celebs – choppers or champions?



Brangelina are frequently spotted on family outings, Kelly Brook’s keen, Mark Ronson’s released a cycling song (his vid can’t compare to Tom the Talking Bike), it can’t be long until Ed Milliband is snapped on a bike.

In today’s Thursday Throwdown we wanted to know what you thought about cycling celebs. Choppers or champions? Bandwagon jumpers or genuine pedallers?

The term celeb was used very liberally in the Throwdown to “out” figures including politicians, footballers, WAGs and newsreaders……there was, as expected, the obligatory reference to G Dubbya, thank you Ms Janssen, can’t think which category he fell into?!

As Daisy rightly points out, these days we are far more likely to see a celebrity falling out of a taxi rather than off a bike – although many seem to have genuinely caught the cycling bug and all things considered, that can’t be too bad a thing for the image of the bike.

There are also those serious cycling celebs out there, John Cryer and Mathew McConaughey are regulars on the Californian triathlon circuit and Jake Gyllennhaal is a fanatical road racer. Becks is often seen out on his numerous bikes – Graham, we will let you decide if Osian included Victoria in that category or not!

We shall now bid you adieu – have a safe weekend on your bike as we leave you with Ms Janssen’s quote of the day:

“Boris on a bike = Champ”

“Bush on a bike = Chopper”

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