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Jul 062011

Changing a gear by using the power of your own mind is the stuff of the science fiction, you’d think. It appears not.  What looked to be the work of science fiction in terms of technology only a decade ago is routinely now becoming reality and changing gears using brainwaves is now possible.

With the support of car manufacturer Toyota, US-based cycle manufacturer Parlee Cycles has been developing innovative concepts such as brainwave gear shifting in an attempt to manufacture the ultimate concept bike.

Testing the boundaries

Earlier this year, Toyota asked Parlee, as part of its Toyota Prius Projects program, to build a bike that embodied many of the design features and new technology principles used in a Toyota Prius car.

The concept bike, which has a working title of PXP, is still a work in progress but Toyota and Parlee have been keen to test the boundaries of what is possible and have been working with a third partner, Deeplocal, to see if gear changes can be made with brainwaves.

Using electronic gear shifting technology, Deeplocal has been able to hack into the technology and reprogram the bike’s electronic shifting and reroute the wireless signal to accept brain waves.


How this would work on a bike is simple. A rider would wear a helmet with built in neurotransmitters that are able to read a wearer’s brainwaves. The neurotransmitters in turn talk to a wireless transmitter that is attached to the seat post of a bike. That transmitter is than able to command the electronic gear shifter to change the gear.

At the moment the technology has not been moved on to the PXP bike itself as there is still testing to be done but the concept in theory does work.

Of course, it is debatable how practical and useful gear changing by brainwaves is, but it is a nice concept all the same.

Read more about the development of the PKP here.

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  1. Great idea – until I saw the “wear a helmet” bit.

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