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The Wheelie Good Round-up


Brookes Saddle Handbag

Bit of a new blog item today, which we hope will become a regular weekly feature here on Going Going Bike. At the end of each week, we’ll be doing a round-up of three to five cycling related items that caught our eye on the old world wide web.

We’ll be featuring anything that is of relevance to cycling, and hopefully exploring the more funnier side of this activity we so much love to do. If you have anything you want to bring to our attention, please e-mail us at ask (at) goinggoingbike (dot) com.

So to this week’s choices:

1. Pedal your television

If your child refuses to exercise and play outside with their bike then maybe stopping them watching television is the way to go. However, an invention from the US called the 1-2-3 GO TV could be a way of encouraging them to get fit with the offer of watching television while they cycle on an indoor bicycle trainer. The 1-2-3 GO TV is a box that attaches the bike trainer to a TV set. When the child pedals the bike, a transmitter in the 1-2-3 Go TV box sends a signal to the cable/satellite box that allows the TV channel to be displayed. Once the child stops pedalling, the screen goes blank. Very much a carrot and stick approach to reducing obesity.

2. Brookes saddle handbag

We like this saddle-cum-bag from Ian Mahaffy for British saddle maker Brooks (see picture above).  Ian observed how women carry their handbags when cycling and the problems associated with this. He started to think about how a bag could be more integrated with the bicycle, make for an easier ride and be easy to add and remove. The bag unfortunately is not fully functioning as a saddle but can be bought from the Brooks website.

3. Cycle friendly car website

This last week a car site has been blogging positively about us cyclists and trying to teach motorists a thing or two.  New car review website CarBuzz.co.uk posted a couple of articles, one giving motorists tips on how to share the roads with cyclists safely, the other clarifying the position of road tax. We cyclists know road tax doesn’t exist but the majority of drivers don’t.

4. Bike chain art

South Korean artist Seo Young Deok has created an art project based on creating sculptures with bike chains. His sculptures aim to capture the essence of the human condition and the angst-ridden nature of modern life. Seo showed his collection of sculptures, titled Dystopia, at the INSA/Arko Art Center in October.

5. Bamboo bike available for hire

Are you doing a charity ride in the near future? Well Bamboo Bikes are offering to supply you with one of their high performance bamboo bikes. In return they ask you to be available for any media attention the bike gets as a part of you using the bike on your charity ride. On offer is a Deore equipped Mountain bike (which can be suited for MTB or slick tyres). If you want to take up Bamboo Bikes on their offer, more details on contacting Bamboo Bikes can be found here.

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