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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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So it’s Saturday and that means another weekly round-up of the wonderful and weird from the bicycling world.

1. A mobile phone controlled bike

We knew it wouldn’t be long before a boffin would think of somehow getting a mobile phone to control parts of a bike via wireless or Bluetooth technology and Canadian electric bike firm Daymak has not let us down. Daymak has developed an app that allows an Android equipped phone to control the firm’s Shadow Ebike. The firm was already known for introducing wireless technology on the original Shadow Ebike so the use of Bluetooth technology via the Android operating system was a logical step. The phone app has the ability to turn the ebike on and off as well as allowing the owner to change defined pedal assist modes and top speeds. The app also has GPS, a speedometer and can record trip data. Even before the addition of Bluetooth, the Shadow Ebike had wireless controlled magnetic regenerative brakes and a wireless controlled throttle.

2. Adidas develop cycle fashion shoe

With Bike Polo growing in popularity it is no surprise that some of the major sportswear brands are sniffing around the scene. Adidas is currently mulling whether to produce a trainer that takes bike polo as its inspiration. The prototype 503 trainer has a high top profile for ankle support, reflective striping and a recessed cleat. We’re not sure if the trainer will ever see the light of day but the trainer might see some crossover into the mainstream fashion market with a very large “hipster” market to tap into. They have willing customers here at Going Going Bike anyway.

3. Shit that cyclists say

No doubt you will have seen the “Shit that cyclists say” video that has gone viral this past week, but you may not know that this video was a copycat homage to a “Shit Mountain Bikers Say” video (see below) that was made by Canadian comedy collective I F*cking Hate That!  We did find both videos very funny but we’d love to see a “Shit that Bike Commuters say”. We’ve suggested this to the guys from I F*cking Hate That! already.

4. Designer wall mount

Bike storage within a flat is always a problem when you have limited space. There are plenty of options of course for the home but your average hipster (and probably your missus) wants something a bit more aesthetically pleasing for when your steed is not hanging up on the wall. Step forward the Bike Valet. This bike rack consists of two pieces of laser-cut cold steel that have been heated and hand-bent into sculptural curves. The insides of the steel are covered in either leather or neoprene to make sure your bike doesn’t get scratches. Once mounted to the wall, the rack will protrude out 12 inches from the wall, which is enough space to accommodate most road bikes handlebar widths. The designer Steven Tiller of Reclamation Art and Furniture is looking to go into commercial production with Bike Valet and is looking for funding via the crowd funding website Kickstarter.

5. The Bikebahn

We have cycle superhighways here in London but they’re not really in the truest sense of the world. A infrastructure project in Sweden that has just got the go-ahead aims to build a real cycle superhighway between two Swedish cities – Malmo and Lund. Sweden’s transportation authority has approved a four line 10.5 mile superhighway but a barrier to the project remains funding.  The proposed highway would be virtually free of street furniture or stops as it will run by a railway line. Mimicking a motorway, there will also be bicycle service stations along the highway.

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