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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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We hope this week’s Wheelie Good Round-Up puts a smile to your face as you take a break from the working world this weekend. If you’ve found something cycling related on the web that you think it is worth featuring on the Round-Up then tweet at us on our twitter handle with a link to the content or video.

1. Cycling board games

It’s amazing some of the things you find on the web. Someone has gone to the effort of cataloguing cycling board games from all over the world. If you click on any of the individual photos of the board games, then the site’s owner provides detailed instructions on how the game was played. Our favourite from all the games listed is Leader 1: Hell of the North. Just look at those figurines.

2. Side by Side – The romance of it

If you thought the tandem was the only bike where two riders get to cycle the same bike then think again. The Side by Side bicycle, also known as a “Sociable”, is where riders literally ride side by side sharing a normal sized bike frame. Each rider has their own seat and their own set of pedals. Judging from this video, pedalling and steering looks difficult. This is not a new engineering concept either, the Sociable has a history dating back to 1896. Historically it was used as a courting/dating bike with gentlemen being able to spend time with their young ladies in an activity that allowed close proximity at a time when contact between the sexes was considered inappropriate. If you fancy making one for you and your loved one, then there is a guide to constructing a side by side bicycle on the Instructables site.

3. Dos Ciclos

We love this video below with its beautiful cinematography. Called Dos Ciclos (Two Cycles), the short film captures the dynamic energy of one cyclists’ journey in Mexico City and why cycling makes him happy. The film for me illustrates the feeling of freedom that riding a bicycle gives.

4. Nothing wooden about this biking record attempt

There is nothing more eponymous in cycling than the World 60-minute Distance Record. It is currently held by Britain’s Chris Boardman but a joiner from Norfolk and his friend are going to have a go at beating it. Michael Thompson and James Tully will however be hard-pressed to beat Chris’ one hour distance record of 35 miles (56km) though as their attempt will be on a wooden bike. Michael is currently designing the bike, the SplinterBike 3, which James will ride around the Millbrook vehicle testing facility in Bedfordshire, is his shed. The SplinterBike will only be held together by wooden joints and glue. Whatever happens in the attempt, both Michael and James will at least hold the One Hour Record for a wooden bike.

5. A rucksack suited for cycling

Most of us travel into work in cycling gear and then change into more smarter office clothing at the office. However, stuffing clothes into a normal bag or pannier and cycling brings inevitable creases and crumpled clothes. One Cambridge company has been getting to grips with producing a rucksack that provides a crease free solution and allows you to travel with smarter clothing each day. The Suitpack from Cambridge Design Partnership has an innovative roll-fold concept that they says doesn’t crease your clothes. It is designed to hang easily on hooks or doors and there are also toiletry and shoe compartments in the Suitpack as well. The Suitpack has yet to go into commercial production and Cambridge Design Partnership are looking for commercial partners to help develop the product.

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