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Jan 142012
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It is Saturday and that can only mean one thing here at Going Going Bike, it’s time for the The Wheelie Good Round-up. We hope you enjoy this week’s chosen nuggets of cycling goodness.

1. Barbie Cycle Chic

Cycle chic appears to have reached Barbie with the dolls’ maker Mattel launching the Barbie Glam Bike. The Glam Bike is a cruiser type bike, painted in Barbie’s signature pink with glittery decal. Barbie herself has forsaken a pair of heels for a pair of purple flat sports shoes while her clothing is more glitzy sports casual than anything. Mattel promises that Barbie’s legs actually move as she rides on the bike (well when you move her around on the bike anyway).

2. Magnetic attraction

When is a bottle cage not a bottle cage? When it is not a cage at all. US firm Vincero Design has come up with a patented way of making a water bottle sit on a bike as if it was floating without having any cage support to keep it in place. Instead of a cage, Vincero have placed a lightweight mount (16g) on a bike frame. This contains a high-powered earth magnet. When this interacts with a similar magnet on a specially made Vincero bottle, the power of both magnets holds the bottle into place. The mount and one 20oz (591ml) bottle will retail for a competitively priced £33.99 in the UK when it is launched here in the next month.

3. Death defying mountain biking

Mountain biking downhill on a technical course is scary at the best of times for any amateur but doing it on the side of a mountain where there is only a minimal path and a big drop off if you fall strikes us as just madness. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for the guys in the video below who show great skill navigating such a death defying course. I’m not sure I would walk on such paths never mind ride a bike over it.

4. Shane Warne’s cycling rant

The growing popularity of cycling in Australia is not shared by everyone it seems. On Friday, high profile former cricketer Shane Warne went off on a rant on Twitter about cyclists and cycling. From an original tweet, where Shane pleaded cyclists should cycle single file on roads (there’s no doubt his fuel guzzling vehicle was inconvenienced in some way on a journey yesterday), he then proceeded to tweet comments that bikes needed to carry registration number plates, and that cyclists should stop being so aggressive to motorists. He also retweeted the usual old uninformed clap trap about cyclists have to pay road tax. The law in Australia is basically the same as it is here in the UK. Roads are paid by general and local taxation. We don’t normally encourage a bit of sledging but we wouldn’t blame you after reading some of the comments on his timeline.

5. Pro team kits for 2012

The Tour Down Under, which starts this week, signals the start of the pro-racing calendar every year. The off-season these days resembles very much the football world. One aspect of this is the excitement from fans and the media about new kit launches. This is no surprise given that the replica pro-team cycling apparel market has been buoyed in recent years by the arrival of Team Sky and retail sales of its kit. So what is everyone wearing next year then? Cycling Weekly brings you the latest launches.

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