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Oct 292012
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Some more Wheelie Good Round-Up goodness for you all on this Monday. Here’s this week selection.

Picnic anyone?

Spring and summer rides are just made for a leisurely trip into the countryside or the par for picnic. Of course you’ll usually find a nice piece of grass or a picnic table to sit and eat but sometimes the ground may be wet underneath or crawling with insects. As ever a designer has come up with a solution – the  Springtime picnic basket. The basket, which attaches to a bike rack on the back of the bike as panniers would, unfolds into a picnic table for two with chairs. The basket also carries everything you need for a picnic – food, plates, cups and cutlery. Given the English weather, maybe it is best you also pack an umbrella. The designer of the basket, Jeriël Bobbe, doesn’t appear to have any plans to go into production with the basket as yet.

Extreme Kitty

If anyone who has ever had a cat as a pet they can be quite nervous creatures. Put them in any unfamiliar surroundings and they’ll most likely be spooked. The very idea of being put into a basket is enough to send most cats howling with anguish. Cycling with a cat is a no no you’d think. Not MJ, a cat that hails from Philadelphia. He loves nothing better than to be out on a bike ride with his owner as the video below shows. He doesn’t seem nervous at all where most cats would run off straight away. That is one extreme kitty.

Chandelier by bike

Always wanted a chandelier above your dining table? Then look no further than artist Carolina Fontoura Alzaga’s amazingly beautiful chandeliers which she puts together by using chains, wheels and other parts from old bicycles. If you want to buy a bike parts chandelier or one of Carolina’s lamps, prices start from £255.

Tour of Britain film documentary

We came across the trailer below and were rather intrigued what it was all about. Well it is for a new film that goes behind the scenes of the 2012 Tour of Britain and is being put together by film maker Benedict Campbell. The finished film will feature narration by  Team Sky’s new signing and Tour of Britain 2012 winner John Tiernan Locke. There is currently no release date as Benedict has yet to secure a distribution deal to show his wares. From the trailer, that can’t be too long given the quality of the cinematography.

No pap fast enough

If you’re famous, the best way to get away from the paparazzi is by bike it seems. Russell Crowe led some paps a merry dance in New York City last week after escaping from his hotel on a mountain bike. The paps gave chase on their own bikes but they just couldn’t keep up with the Gladiators star, bar one photographer. Crowe later tweeted: “11.6km bike ride to work, meditative peace of the morning ritual decimated by paparazzi … on bicycles … Only in NY folks.”

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