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Oct 222012
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It’s a new week and as per usual we have some bite-sized cycling-themed stories from around the web.

Stolen bike search engine

If you’re unfortunate to have your bike stolen, one of the key pieces of advice we give, is that you should see if the bike pops up for sale on online sites such as eBay or Gumtree and see if you can recover it in some way from there.  In San Francisco a website has been created to make the process of looking for an exact stolen bike a whole lot easier albeit confined to just the West Coast of America for the time being. A search engine, called the Stolen Bike Finder, allows users to put in a description of their bikes and the search engine will return results for bikes with matching criteria for sale on sites like Craigslist and eBay in California. The site also allows notifications to be sent when bikes that fit the description go up for sale. The Stolen Bike Finder was developed by Priceonomics.com, a site more known for its price guide search engine. They got involved in developing the site after item about the economics of bike theft on their blog got so much feedback from people.

Locked in legal battle

Forget the on-going battle that is Apple vs Samsung over copied design elements in the design of smartphones or tablets, the real legal grudge match is between two bicycle lock manufacturers over the design of so-called sausage locks. Aussie firm Knog claims that a new range of sausage locks from global lock powerhouse ABUS is very similar to their own sausage lock. Knog claims ABUS has copied the look, manufacturing process and colours of an earlier design. Our in-house lawyer predicts years of legal wrangle ahead.

A durable bike

A cardboard bike that can carry a human being seems a pie in the sky idea but one inventor has managed to produce a working bike that can do that. Israeli citizen Izhar Gafni has created a prototype bike that just costs $9 to make, a development that could revolutionise transportation habits in some of the world’s most under-developed regions. The Alfa cardboard bike has been treated to give it waterproof and fireproof qualities. The prototype also contains no metal parts. The brake mechanism and the wheel and pedal bearings are also made of recycled substances.

The oldest paperboy

You’d think being a paperboy is a young man’s (or woman for that matter) game but that is not always the case. Jim English from Angarrack, Cornwall, has been doing his paperboy round for 20 years on his bike. Alas he has taken retirement at the age of 70 following a collision with a car as he was biking his way to work. Jim, who helped to create the iconic Raleigh Chopper bike, is thankfully making a recovery from his broken ankle and hopes to be back on his racing bike for more leisurely rides in the near future. Jim, you’re an inspiration.

The Pashley collection

Pashley is one of the great old names of bicycle manufacturing. Seen as a premium brand, the company has offered accompanying leather accessories for their bikes such as bags for some time. They’ve now taken a step further with a range of clothing for men and women. As lovely as some of the items are, cheap it isn’t. Whether you’d buy a £350 blazer to go out riding in is another matter.

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