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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


Bianchi Gucci Bike Helmets

This week’s round-up features the usual array of bite-sized cycling stories that made us laugh, stand back in astonishment and in some cases cry. Enjoy.

1. The ultimate fashion accessory

Italian bike maker Bianchi is known for its collaborations with the likes of adidas and other global brands but it has taken the brand association approach up a notch by partnering with Italian fashion house Gucci. The companies have collaborated on producing a Gucci bicycle and a matching helmet (see picture above), which are available to buy on Gucci’s website. The carbon fibre bike features a Bianchi by Gucci logo on the seat and the frame, while the helmet comes in both white and black, featuring the signature green/red/green branding by Gucci on the upper part of the helmet. There is also an integrated sun visor on the helmet. As you’d expect from a luxury goods maker, the price for both items is not cheap – $14,000 for the bike and $890 for the helmet. Get saving fast if you want either.

2. Caught on Camera
I’ve always wondered where professional cyclists train in between races. They must have special roads they go on where there are free to cycle as fast as they want without motorised transport being a hindrance. Alas they are just like you and me, as this Google Street View capture shows. The capture features Belgian sprinter Tom Boonen just about to start (or maybe even finish a training ride) and visiting a residential house in Lommel, Belgium along with his training group. We suspect the training group was asking the householder if he would like to come out and play on his bike!

3.  Bike ♥ and despair

A rather cute film that tells the story of one young lady’s love for her bike and the anguish she feels when her bike is stolen. We’ve all been there.

4. High heel cleats

Women can cycle in high heels there is no question about that but what happens if you try and put clipless cleats on a high heel shoe? One US man has spent 18 months on such a project only to find his beloved had flown the nest before he got the chance to put the shoe on her feet. However he was still kind enough to reveal the process he went through to build the high heeled shoe so that other guys and gals can have a go at making the high heel shoe themselves. The only thing we’d say is that his concoction is not the most elegant or sexy looking high heel with ever seen.

5. Solar power USB port for bikes

There are all manner of contraptions out there that can help you charge your mobile phone while you ride your bike. Most use some form of dynamo hub design but now someone has designed a solar panel option called the SolarCycle. The Solar Cycle consists of an an aluminum rack and a solar panel. The rider clamps the rack to the seat-post of bike, clips in the solar charger to the rack and then hooks up his phone/gadget to the USB. The inventor Issac Porras is currently using the Kickstarter crowd funding website to raise funds to produce the SolarCycle Deluxe, which comprises the aluminium rack, the solar panel and a 6700mAh battery with a USB port. The battery will be able to store the solar panel energy to power devices on and off the bike.

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