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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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Here’s our usual mix of bite-sized bike-related items that we hope will bring a smile to your weekend. Enjoy.

Bike and climb

First off this week, we have the inspiring tale of Aydin Irmak, a 46-year-old Turkish New Yorker, who has been attempting to reach the summit of Mount Everest. This may not be seen as anything special these days but Aydin is doing this while carrying his steel-framed single speed bike as he treks up Everest. There is a long story to what has led to Aydin to this point. Find out more in this article from Outside magazine.

No hang ups

Coat hangers are one of life’s necessities but you may find as I do that when you buy clothes they are never supplied. So there is nothing to hang your clothes up on. We have a solution. If you have an old bike why not recycle parts on that bike and create some Cycle Hangers. A set of three hangers from different parts of a bike have been designed and produced by product design student Oliver Staiano from Nottingham Trent University. One is made from part of a wheel, one from a bike’s handlebars and the third from the bike frame. To buy the products individually they cost ¬£100 but Oliver has handily put together some step-by-step instructions on how to make the CycleHangers yourself.

Can you Bee-lieve it

There is a strong buzz around cycling at the moment. Quite literally in some cases as residents of March in Cambridgeshire found this week. A ladies bike in the village that had been locked outside the town’s Co-Op supermarket managed to attract a swarm of bees that had decided that they were commandeering the bike for their use. The bees had been congregating in a nearby tree but seemingly thought the bike was a better nesting site. Luckily the police located a local bee keeper who managed to draw the bees away and free the bicycle for the owner to take home.

Photo credit: ©Archant Community Media Ltd

Madison eyes view

One of the video’s we’ve featured in the Round-Up since we launched this regular section was a birds-eye view of a cyclist going around the National Cycling Centre Velodrome track in Manchester at a Revolution event. Well we’ve got a similar video for you this week but this time we feature the Madison event. The Madison is a team track cycling race where one rider slings his partner in to race and then take turns resting and riding as they look to gain more points (via a series of sprints at intervals during the race) than the other Madison pairings in the race. This video was taken at the Home Depot Center Velodrome in Los Angles with the rider Christopher Reed showing us how intense the race can be for a rider.

Keeping dry

Getting unexpectedly caught in the rain can be a pain, especially in the summer when most of us travel without a rainproof cycling jacket. There is a solution however in the form of the Nubrella. The Nubrella is a space helmet-like umbrella that allows you to cycle without getting you head wet. As there is no handle, your hands are kept free to easily navigate the bicycle. We’re not sure it will keep the rest of you dry though. You may also be laughed at by passers-by.

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