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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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Here’s our latest collection of cycling stories from around the web that got our attention in the past week.

Lost and found

We sometimes bring you stories on Going Going Bike where a bike that has been stolen has been returned to the owner some years after the original theft but the following story of a long lost bike being reunited with its original owner is a bit spooky. Lisa Brown lost her bike when she fell off a rickety bridge as an 11-year-old in 1970 in the Herring River part of Massachusetts. She abandoned the bike at the spot due to the muddy conditions and never returned to reclaim the bike. Forty two years later, Lisa’s partner Deirdre Olinger passed along the same location and spotted the very same bike in undergrowth. Deirdre immediately recognised the bike from an old photograph of Lisa’s that Lisa had kept and knew it had a blue vinyl seat, which this abandoned bike had. The couple have yet to decide whether to bring the now rusty bike home or leave it in the woods where it was discovered.

The dog that cycles

We like the odd here on Wheelie Good Round-Up and there is nothing odder than a full sized dog cycling (see video below).  Meet Norman, the scooter the dog, who likes nothing more than getting out on his bike for a leisurely ride (when not on a scooter of course). Norman is a bit of a celebrity having featured on American TV shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman and Good Morning America. Norman also has his own website.


Cycle cafes are popping up all over the UK. They are places where you can go and have a nice cup of coffee or tea and maybe get your bike fixed. However, developers of a cafe in Hainan, China, are looking to go one stage further by building a cycle track on top of its cafe. The Hainan cafe, The Bicycle Club, would feature a rooftop velodrome supported by a glass-enclosed cafe on the ground level. The track cafe concept is being designed by Dutch architects NL Architects for Chinese housing developer Vanke. We’re trying to convince the landlord of the property that houses the GGB offices to build a velodrome on his roof!

Trick e-bike

Those design boffins that work for major motor manufacturers sure do like their concept vehicles. This does not only extend to four wheels but two. Audi has recently showed off its stirking e-bike concept Wörthersee to the world. The Wörthersee is unlike any other e-bike though in that it is primarily designed on a trails bike concept, so its use is for sport, trail riding and of course stunts/tricks. Designed and tested with feedback from trails cycling star Julien Dupont, the Wörthersee offers a host of innovations including smartphone connectivity for the recording of stunts, seat adjustment via electronic means and automatic stabilisation when performing wheelies and other tricks. We think this is one concept that even without the electric bike motor that has commercial possibilities.

Don’t look back in anger

When cycling it can be difficult to keep a track on what is going on behind you. This is particularly so if you are switching lanes or overtaking and you need to know what is behind you. One tech solution to this is the Bicycle Rearview Camera. This camera, which attaches to the seat post of a bike, captures a 75º field of view of the road behind that can be seen on a front monitor that attaches to the handlebar. The weather- and vibration-resistant camera also features a circular set of red LEDs, which flash when the camera’s sensor detects low light conditions.

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