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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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It’s that time again for some bite-sized biking nuggets from us here at Going Going Bike. We hope you enjoy this week’s selections.


We were alerted to the rather strange exercise regime of Aquabiking by our friends at Bikeminded. They came across the concept while reading the blog of Chic Cyclists. The exercise doesn’t mean you actually take a bicycle and cycle it on the bottom of swimming pool or a lake as this would be silly and you wouldn’t be able to hold your breath for that long (there is a record for underwater swimming in a scuba outfit). It does involve you sitting on a stationary exercise bicycle in a swimming pool and taking part in a spinning class (pedalling as fast as you can). There is some method to the madness, apparently you burn twice as much calories exercising this way in the water than you would on a stationary bike above water. There are other benefits of course, you get to keep cool in the summer and of course have relaxing recovery time in the pool after your session.

Pimp that helmet

Fancy pimping up a helmet you own with a bit of inventive design?  We like the approach taken by Swedish company Wiggystyle, whose products give a fun distinctive look to a helmet. The main product is the Wiggystyle, which is a mohican or spiked wig that is placed on top of the helmet and goes down the middle of it. The second product, the Brighthelmet, is more practical. As it sounds it is a helmet with LED lights. The lights are placed on top of the helmet. The Brighthelmet lights can recharged by a USB port or with an adapter.

Colnago for Ferrari

You’d think Italian bike maker Colnago and Italian sports car firm Ferrari would be strange bedfellows but the two companies have a history of close association for over 25 years. Colnago has been making special edition bikes with Ferrari branding ever since. For 2012, the Colnago for Ferrari range features Colnago’s CF8 and CF9 models in Ferrari’s iconic red. Both bikes can be seen in the video below that sees Ferrari’s F1 race driver Fernando Alonso taking the bikes for a spin around Ferrari’s test track in Italy. We suggest he sticks to motor racing given his cornering technique.

Cycling comes to Harrods

We seem to have popped up with the odd fashion item in the past few weeks and this week we bring you news that the UK’s most luxurious department store Harrods has opened a new cycling pop up concept shop inside its flagship store in Knightsbridge, London. The concept shop houses Rapha + Paul Smith limited edition jerseys from Rapha, a collection of exclusive bold graphic printed T-shirts and a made-to-order bicycle service from prominent manufacturers Condor, Brompton, Mercian and Paris.

Caught short?

If you’ve ever done long distance cycling, touring or even a long sportive, you’ll be familiar with the problem of having to find somewhere where you can spend a penny. No problem if you can find a cafe stop on the way but that’s not always possible and you may have to find a bush or two to have a wee or a number two. Thanks to the amusing blog of Going Solo Adventure (which documents the travels of Paul Everitt on his four wheel recumbent/bicycle car) there are some tips on how exactly you should spend a penny if you are out cycling, even in the most difficult of situations.

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