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Mar 312012
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It’s Saturday and that means another weekly round-up of the wonderful and weird from the bicycling world.

Don’t forget about those bikes

It appears some of our staff here at Going Going Bike can be quite forgetful. A colleague has admitted to having left bikes on the roof rack of his car and completely forgetting about it until the next morning. We suspect his forgetfulness is not an isolated case and many of you have done something similar. However, help could be at hand with a simple mobile phone app that will alert you to remove the bikes you just before you return home. Called the Bikesavr, the user just has to add in the address they are travelling to, activate and relax. The app could save you costly damage to your bike, your roof rack, your garage and your car!

Fast and furious

The world’s fastest electric bike was revealed this past week. The Specialized Turbo can reach speeds of up to 30mph and could be the electric bike that breaks the mould in terms of design. Unlike most electric bikes, it looks like a proper urban bike with the added bonus that the electric motor kicks in automatically as you pedal. The 342 Wh battery can be recharged in just two hours from an outlet. The frame has integrated LED head and tail lights while there is also regenerative breaking. Game changer? Specialized thinks so. It believes the Turbo has created a new category for E-bikes. Maybe, but at £4,000 the bike may still be out of the reach for many.

Bike and Shop

We think everything should be done by bike. If it is physically possible, we’d take the option of bicycle over motorised transport any day. This includes grocery shopping though it is often a tight squeeze fitting everything into a rucksack though. San Francisco-based cycle apparel firm have thought of that with their Vandal backpack. A key feature of the Vandal backpack is its ability to quickly double in size from 1,800 cu.in. to 4,000 cu.in. when extra cargo carrying capacity is needed. Check out the video below of a typical grocery run with the bag! Remember you are helping the environment by cycling and not taking a plastic bag home.

Keep those lights dimmed with rims

The subject of bike furniture is a recurring theme on Going Going Bike though we’ve not featured a piece of furniture that is made from a part of the bike itself. Thanks to Jen Turner, a New York architect and designer, you may still be able to get some use out of some old bike rims by using them to create a hanging lamp. Jen uses the rims of two bicycle wheels, one larger than the other, to create a hanging lamp reminiscent of Isamu Noguchi’s classic Akari pendant lights. If you fancy having a go at making the lamp, the New York Times has produced a step by step guide on how to make the lamp.

Keirin Finishing School

We usually associate the Keirin with the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendelton winning gold on the Velodrome track but in Japan, where the Keirin racing originates from, the Keirin is akin to horse racing with daily races that are gambled on. It is taken so seriously that riders live, eat, sleep (and train) Keirin to take part in professional races. Unfortunately, ladies haven’t been able to participate in racing since 1964, but in May a professional circuit will be starting up with 32 women of the Nihon Keirin Gakkou school recently passing exams to take part in professional races. Good luck to them.

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  1. Your Information on specialed turbo is not correct nor neutral. It is not the fasted e-bike. To name a few; dolphin e-bike, stromer and speedped are faster and on the market for some time. Don’t forget that a 250 watt motor is not powerfull, 40 Nm torque is rediculously low and the battery is very small. This results in a possible speed of 30 mph but any wind or hill will reduce the speed to practically zero. For this price you can buy any fast e-bike on the market and the performance will be significantly better. However the design is very impressive.

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