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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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It is Saturday and that can only mean one thing here at Going Going Bike, it’s time for the The Wheelie Good Round-Up. We hope you enjoy this week’s chosen nuggets of cycling goodness.

Bike thieves aren’t all bad

Not all bike thieves are bad? Well they are in our eyes but some are remorseful it seems. Earlier this week, we put up a story from the US about a thief in Aspen, Colorado, who returned a stolen bike to a police station with a note apologising for the theft. We were alerted to a similar story more local to the UK by a twitter follower. In this case, a bike thief in Aberystwyth returned a stolen bike (a Raleigh Rave MTB) to the owner with a note that said: “Sorry we borrowed your bike. We needed it as a getaway vehicle on Friday night. Apologies again.” We’re not quite sure of the legitimacy of the photo as Police in Aberystwyth say no theft of a Raleigh Rave mountain bike in the town had been reported but it is a nice story if true.

Cycling chat-up lines

Cycling is a very social activity. When stopping at the traffic lights, we often engage in conversation with our fellow cyclists. If that cyclist happens to be an attractive member of the opposite sex than all the better. Flirting is great though we all know a cheesy chat-up line can often seal the deal when you ask for a phone number! Luckily there are some choice cycling themed chat-up lines out there. If you have any more, let us know here at GGB.

Spread those wings

The GGB office was in fits of laughter after seeing the promotional video below for the Bike Butterfly invention. The Bike Butterfly is essentially a solution to stop pedestrians walking out on the street as you cycle. The wingspan of the butterfly wing acts as a guard against a pedestrian collision. Of course the video and website page are about a spoof product but we think the Bike Butterfly may have legs (note loose catepillar joke here) for use elsewhere.

Rake bike

German bike designer Dieter “Didi” Senft this week revealed his fully functional giant bike built with 111 garden rakes. Deiter is more commonly known for being the “Tour-Devil” at the Tour de France but is also known for making eccentric looking bicycles. The rake bike is his latest invention. We suspect it might just be seen somewhere along the Tour de France route this year. We’re just hoping no one slides off the seat on to the top tube otherwise they may have a bit of a nasty accident with those sharp rake edges.

A gold plated bike

As expensive bikes go, you’d think a gold plated bike would cost the earth. Not so. This week a gold plated bike will go up for auction at auctioneers Dreweatts but is only expected to fetch £2,000 at auction. The gold plated bike is a customised Italian Tommasini gent’s tourer with a 35cc engine. It has a gold-plated frame, and gold plated parcel rack with the saddle, brake levers and pannier bags all made from the finest leather. This gold plated Tommasini is one of only two ever made and was purchased in 1995 from a Swiss luxury vendor. We’re sure it would fetch more than £2,000 on the GGB marketplace!

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