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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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Welcome to our usual weekend round-up of what’s topical, hot and not in the biking world. Enjoy!

The alternative bike shelf

Last week we featured an item on about a bike shelf. That bike shelf was a piece of furniture that hung your bike in the home but also doubled as a shelf to put books or ornaments on. This week we bring you a bicycle that is the shelf itself. When we say shelf we may be pushing it but it does count as a bit of storage furniture in our minds. The bike in question, a 1947 Husqvarna (see photo below), belongs to Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize fame. The wall-mounted bike is used as storage item for various objects such as flip flops, hats, coats and umbrellas. What a fantastic idea!

A trike like no other

I’m guessing many of you like me started out on your bike journeys at an early age on a trike bike. Devin Graham probably did, which probably explains why as a grown man, he likes going down hills at extreme speeds on his bastardised version of a trike. Not content with going 55 kph down Powder Mountain in Utah, Devin has now invented the extreme sport of trike drifting, which looks to us as equally dangerous. It looks fun, but I think I’ll get my adrenalin kicks trying to ride in London traffic. Enjoy the footage shot by Devin and his friends below.

Bicycle still chic with the fashion set

The fashion industry’s love of the bicycle doesn’t seem to be diminishing in anyway. The recent shows in London, Paris and Milan all confirmed a love of all things cycling. In Paris, Sonia Rykiel’s spring and summer collection for 2012 was themed around a city cycling theme. Elsewhere, British label PPQ incorporated bicycles (made by UK handmade bike maker Rule Bicycles) into their catwalk show at London Fashion Week. Not to be outdone, Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana produced a specially commissioned bike for its Milan show. Unsurprisingly it is Pink Leopard Print.

Wear your tyre wear

What do you do when your old tyres are ripped to shreds? Throw them out? If you were creative enough you would think of a use for them just as Australian jewellery designer Jeni Oye has with her latest Bicycle Bracelet pieces. The bracelets feature old bike tyres (which have been cleaned up) that are placed on curved aluminum. The pieces, like the Vittoria Rubino bracelet featured below, aren’t cheap however at £110. Jeni is also known for her sprocket necklaces.

Illustrating the quirks of biking

We’re regular visitors to the excellent Bikeyface blog. Since June 2011, Bikeyface has been producing illustrations to raise awareness of issues related to biking and principally her own experiences of urban cycling in Boston in the US where she lives. Her most recent illustrative effort had the GGB office in stitches as it is something that rings true with our own experiences – Why do drivers and pedestrians think we know everything about the urban environment we all share. We suspect you may be bookmarking her blog for future reads.

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