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Feb 252012
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Welcome to The Wheelie Good Round-Up and this week’s selection of the wacky & weird, entertaining & enlightening, in the world of cycling.

Storage that double as a shelf

Bike storage within the home is always a problem where space is limited. There are of course numerous solutions that allow you to hang your bike on the wall including the Cycloc system we sell on Going Going Bike, but for something really aesthetically pleasing we draw your attention to the Bike Shelf from US furniture designers Knife & Saw. As you can see from the pic below, the Bike Shelf is essentially a shelf that doubles as a place to hang your bike in your home. The shelf is designed to easily install into wall studs for maximum strength.

On the boards and on track

Last week, GGB were lucky enough to go to the test event at the new Olympic Velodrome (see our blog on that visit here). We remarked to ourselves while watching how great it would be to get on some Velodrome boards somewhere and have a go ourselves in a GGB track day. The video below, a bird’s eye view of a professional going around Manchester’s National Cycling Centre Velodrome track, only wets our appetite and to be honest makes us scared at the same time given the speed he is going at.

The no-contact dynamo light

There is much to like about a dynamo powered lights. No need to buy replacements batteries for one. However dynamo lights tend to be overly large with the further complications of wires and the weight of dynamo hubs. The dynamo powered Magnic Light, invented by German inventor Dirk Strothmann, could however be a game changer. The Magnic Light is a self-contained brake mounted light that does not even require contact with a wheel to work. How does it work? High powered magnets in the light unit react with the metallic rim of a wheel to produce eddy currents. These currents are absorbed by a generator kernel in the Magnic Light unit with the subsequent energy powering the lights. Mr Strothmann is raising money to fund production of the Magnic Light via Kickstarter.

Bikes help Godiva ride again

This summer’s Olympic Games are just not about a celebration of sport. There is a Cultural Olympiad taking place that runs concurrently with the Games itself. One of the 12 public art commissions by the Art Council for the Cultural Olympiad will be Godiva Awakes, a 30-foot model of Lady Godiva that will be powered by 100 cyclists riding tricycles. Lady Godiva is known for her infamous ride naked on horseback in Coventry in protest against her husband’s oppressive tax regime. A series of images of the whole Godiva Awakes project coming together can be viewed here.

Mind your head

Investment into cycling facilities by local authorities are very much welcome but a recent cycle path development in Axminster in Devon appears to be a bit of investment blunder. The path at one point goes under a tunnel that is too low height wise to ride under. On top of that the tunnel becomes unrideble when it floods. This tunnel section of the path has a height restriction of just 1.8m. This means that if you are taller than 5ft 9ins you may have a problem cycling or walking through it. A sign has now been put up that reads “Low bridge ahead. Cyclists dismount” as you enter either side of the tunnel but it may be still a case of mind your head as you walk under it.

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