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The Wheelie Good Round-Up


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It’s that time again for some bite-sized biking nuggets from us here at Going Going Bike. We hope you enjoy this week’s selections

1. Fool a bike thief

Looking for a cheap anti-theft device? We’ve got a suggestion but we’re not sure it really is that effective – rust stickers. The rust and scratch stickers are designed to make your beautiful bike look rusted and scratched so that any passing thieves won’t give it a second look (see pic below). Rust stickers designer Domonic Wilcox confirms that his bike has yet to be stolen since he put them on his lovely new bike. The stickers and some of Domonic’s work can be found here.

2. The alternative Highway Code for cyclists

The Highway Code has specific rules for cyclists. These are contained in sections 59 to 82. Generally speaking there is some good advice in there. It is well worth having a refresher on some of the rules. Having said that, we think we prefer the take on sections 59 to 82 that is taken by Cycling Embassy of Great Britain Founder Jim Davies on his Lo Fidelity Bicycle Blog. With much humour Jim adpats the rules to give a more accurate experience of a cyclist. The post had us in stitches here at GGB’s offices.

3. Trick riding on a road bike?

Our video this week is a stunt and tricks video – on road bikes. Yes, road bikes. There is not a lot of give in a carbon road bike frame or fork but as these guys show in the video much of the technique in doing bike tricks is bike handling and these guys do it very well. I’m not sure I would be trying it on any £11,000 bike of mine though. Both bikes used in the clip are the Alize model made by US frame maker Neil Pryde.

4. Never too old to cycle

You can only be inspired by 90 year old Norman Gregory. Despite his age, Norman clocked up almost 6,000 miles on his bike last year and while he’s not been out too much this year due to the cold spell, he’s still clocked up 350 miles. It appears Norman, who is from Cockfield, near Bury St Edmunds, has commuted on a bike all his life, even cycling the 200 mile trip from his university in York back to home Suffolk in his youth. We hope we’re still on the bike at his age.

5. Four wheeled cycling

Bicycle wheeled transport can come in many forms. There is the Unicycle, the Bicycle and the Tricycle but hands-up anyone who has heard of the quadricycle. I didn’t until I came across the spider like bike called the StoM Bouquetin. Odd as it looks, the StoM is a beautiful looking piece of engineering. Unsurprisingly, given their close design nod to a Quad motorcycle bike, quadricycles are more likely to be used out on trail riding.

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