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Oct 112011
Proviz Duncan Shaw

Stunt trial riding has never been so popular with the overnight success of Danny MacAskill. Danny has been receiving mainstream plaudits and coverage for his daring and exciting trial riding stunts since releasing a five-and-a-half-minute street trials video in 2009.

Danny was part of Scottish stunt bike team The Clan and another member of that team Duncan Shaw has teamed up with cycling accessories firm and Going Going Bike webstore partner Proviz to make a stunt trials video set in London. Duncan is a former UK trials rider champion from Inverness who plays an integral role in running the acclaimed The Clan shows.

Daredevil commute

Called “The Ultimate Cycling Commute”, the video shows Duncan’s daredevil commute as he makes his way home in London passing many famous London landmarks on the way.

The video features Proviz’s line of light-emitting products – a Proviz Saturn in-mould helmet in Proviz fluorescent yellow and a black Proviz electroluminescent waterproof cycling jacket. Proviz products are available from Going Going Bike and can be found on the Proviz webstore.

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