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Jun 182011

Another exciting afternoon of bidding drew to a close at 4.30pm yesterday with shawfox coming in victorious. Despite a quiet start, things soon got going and several bidders were duking it out to take the Proviz Triton helmet home.

With an RRP of £59.99, a £5 start price is a seriously good deal for the flagship helmet of the Proviz brand. But then the Sprint Auction is a fantastic opportunity for you to pick up a bargain.. And next week is no exception!

Next week’s Sprint Auction – a Bike!

For the first time on the GGB Sprint Auction we will be selling a bike. In order to maintain a little suspense I am not going to reveal the brand just yet but keep an eye out as it is going to be a fantastic opportunity to get a new bike for less than its RRP.

This offer is only one of a number that we will be bringing to you during Bike Week. Keep an eye out for another fantastic offer for all of you looking to sell a bike..

Thanks again for all those that took part in the Sprint Auction today and make sure that next week you get involved in our first bike offering!

Have a great weekend and here’s hoping that rain stays away long enough for us to enjoy a nice long ride!

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