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18/04/2011 // EVENTS, INFO Leave a comment

The only bike thieves we like!


Bike Thieves

This is good news! No, we haven’t had a massive change of heart on our stance against bike theft. We’re talking about the fantastic outdoor version of the classic Italian film “Bicycle Thieves”.

Bicycle Thieves

Pip Productions did a first version last year which was brilliant (as you can see here). It’s a modern retelling of the classic Italian film, bringing an unforgettable father and son story to London in 2011, and replacing the 1940s “biciclette” with BMX bikes and choreography. However, they haven’t been resting on their laurels and have been hard at work on even bigger and better version. You will get a chance to see it in July for a week at the View Tube right next to the Olympic Park.

This time they’re working with Magnificent Revolution (who run a cycle-in cinema amongst other things) to make the show pedal powered – green, interactive and fun. They’re just £500 away from completing the kit so are trying a new crowd funding approach to fundraising with a range of perks on offer as a thank you, from a free ticket for a £15 donation to a tour of the Olympic Park and opportunity to play the villain himself – the bicycle thief!

Get Involved

So we encourage you to both help them out via WeFund and save the dates and go and watch it 7pm, Friday 1 – Wednesday 6 July.

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