Going Going Bike

Jul 282011

We have some very exciting news. Going Going Bike are the official online market for second hand Bromptons! We will be working with Brompton to provide a secure online market for legitimately-owned second-hand Bromptons.

Brompton cares

Brompton Sales & Marketing Director, Emerson Roberts, said: “For us, the relationship with a Brompton owner does not end with the purchase of a new bike; we look to help Brompton owners throughout the life of their bikes. This is another way we can safeguard Brompton owners’ interests: by buying and selling on Going Going Bike, people will know they’re not encouraging bike theft or buying a stolen Brompton.”

All Bromptons listed on Going Going Bike must have the frame number included, otherwise the listing will be removed. They will then be checked against the Brompton database of stolen bikes, as well as Bike Register and Bike Shepherd, to verify that you won’t be buying someone else’s prized Brompton without their knowledge. Any suspected criminal activity will be referred to the police.

Dedicated Brompton section

We’ve set up a special section on the site for second-hand Bromptons which can be accessed here. GGB co-founder Andrew reckons: “Bromptons are always in high demand from both riders and thieves so we wanted to provide a dedicated place for genuine buyers and sellers to safely trade.”

In the unfortunate event that your Brompton is ever stolen, after reporting it to the police, please notify Brompton.

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