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Oct 012011

Despite the tropical end to a distinctly average summer, we had a forward looking Sprint Auction yesterday. We know, as you do, that this weather will not last and that autumn will kick in shortly!

Thanks to the lovely Water off a Duck’s Back we had a particularly exclusive item up for grabs yesterday. The men’s Cycle Coat was fresh off the production line when it arrived at the Cycle Show 2011 and it really looks the part.

It is designed to be both a cycling jacket as well as a smart overcoat that could be worn by any professional going to a wintery meeting. The reflective panels can be removed or hidden when you are not on the bike and the design is smart and functional. (Swinging your leg over your top tube is unimpeded!)

If you missed out on the rush to the line then don’t worry you can get one from the Water off a Duck’s back webstore from next week.

I’m off out on a ride and so should you be! Have a great weekend.

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