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The Casual Ride – West: Richmond to Windsor


Taking a break in Windsor Great Park

Riders on the 4th Going Going Bike “Casual Ride” took on the West London roadies’ favourite, Richmond to Windsor, on Saturday 12 November. Blessed by unseasonally warm and sunny weather the 47 km route was completed in just over 3 hours.

The route headed out of Richmond Park via Ham Gate and went past Hampton, via Kingston upon Thames. The mostly flat route (which can be reviewed here) followed the Thames for much of the way to Windsor.

It was on the banks of the river, at Chertsey, that the two bunches regrouped for a cup of tea at the Kingfisher Pub.

Slowest Ascent Challenge

Autumn was in full flourish and Windsor Great Park was a stunning setting for the only competitive action of an otherwise relaxing day.

Riders lined up at the foot of a hill to compete in the Slowest Ascent Challenge.

The rider who reached the top last (without stopping, putting their foot down or going backwards) would be the winner and be the proud recipient of a Bike Glow.

The commissaires had to be vigilant on the lower slopes as shoulder barges stretched the interpretation of the rules and ethics of the race.

A selection was made on the lower slopes with the strongest riders holding back.

However, by keeping out of trouble, Dan was able to watch his competitors fall away one-by-one and arrive victorious at the summit.And you can see from the reaction how much winning this race meant to him…

Pub cycling policy

All that was left was a final leg-stretch to the walls of Windsor castle for a pub lunch at the Royal Oak…

A pub’s “cycling policy” will need to be considered for future selections (especially when warming up inside the pub may be preferable to sitting outside to keep guard of them!).

Thanks to all who joined our ride and for your positive feedback…we look forward to seeing you on our next ride (17th or 18th December).

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