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Mar 132012
DL122 Peugeot

Last year we brought you news of a single speed bike that had an attached Samsung 10.1 tablet holder on it as part of the design of the bike. At the time, we commented that a tablet being on a bike was a little bizarre and it just looked plain odd.

The attempt to marry bike design with some form of gadget/compartment holder has also been vexing the minds of French carmaker and former bicycle manufacturer Peugeot.

As can be seen from the picture above and below, a little more thought appears to have gone into producing their DL122 urban concept bike than Samsung’s more marketing orientated tie-up with British bike maker 14 Bike Co.

Designed by Neil Simpson, the DL122 Urban Bike has a laptop/briefcase carrying compartment built into the walls of the frame.

Centre of gravity

Peugeot claims the DL122 provides a smoother riding experience as the weight of items stored in the compartment helps the DL122 maintain a better centre of gravity as opposed to say a basket on the top of a bike or the rider carrying a rucksack on their back.

The DL122 has a mixed wood and aluminium frame, leather saddle, 20in wheels and an 8-speed hub.

We think the bike aesthetically looks a knock out and we’re sure it would appeal to commuters if it ever went into production.

All images of the DL122 are used courtesy of and copyright of © Laurent Picard

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  1. Laurent Picard is the photographer. The designer is Neil Simpson.

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