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Sep 142011

How good would it be for a bike to be made unrideable if stolen. This is the idea behind an invention from Canadian Andrew Leinonen whose StayLocked bicycle lock concept integrates the bike lock directly into the frame of the bike. If the lock is broken, the bike cannot be ridden away.


Andrew’s design sees the bike’s seatstays replaced with a U-lock on a pivoting joint. This U-lock is clamped into the rear triangle securely and this allows the bike to be cycled without any problem.

When the rider wants to lock up the bike, they remove the U-lock from the clamp, swivel it into place around a post or object, and secure like any U-lock with the lock housing that is attached to the bike.

Breaking the lock

If a thief decides they want to steal the bike they have to cut though the U-lock tubing in some way. Doing so makes the bike pretty much unrideable as U-lock shackle can no longer be attached back to the frame.

If the thief gets on the bike to ride it, the bike will not support the weight and the bike will eventually collapse under the weight. The only worth of the bike at that point is as parts.

Closer look at Andrew’s design

Andrew has had to reconfigure where the brakes are located on the bike to take into account the U-lock pivot design with the brake calipers located close to the bike chain.

All images appear courtesy of Andrew Leinonen

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