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Jul 012011

London businesses are being encouraged to promote cycle use among their workforce by taking up an initiative to claim free cycle parking furniture for company premises.

Under Transport for London’s (TfL) “Cycle Stands for Employers” scheme, businesses can apply for up to 20 free cycle stands for their premises. The number of stands you are allowed to claim does depend on the number of employees at the site.

There are a variety of stands on offer including Sheffield stands, toast racks and vertical cycle parking. TfL is working with London-based cycle parking innovators Cyclehoop, which is providing the stands under the scheme.


In order to qualify, businesses must have a minimum of five employees working on site. A business must also sign up to the Cycle to Work Guarantee scheme (which is free of charge, you can sign up by completing a short online registration form).

TfL also requires that businesses that agree to receive free stands must also provide photographic evidence that the stands have been installed within three months of delivery.

Installation of stands

Businesses will be required to install the stands at their own cost. Guidance on installation can be downloaded from the TfL website. TfL advises that stands should comply with any planning regulations for the premises if needed and on private land owned by the business.

Cycle Stands for Employers replaces the Take a Stand scheme in London. Over 250 businesses have benefited from free stands via the Take a Stand scheme since 2007.

If you persuade your company hierarchy to agree to put in cycling stands and want to take up the Cycle Stands for Employers offer, plese e-mail:  or

Other schemes across the UK

There are a number of local authorities that also subsidise similar free cycle stand schemes across the UK. Newcastle and Cambridge are two cities that have recently launched a free cycle stand offer to businesses in association with Park that Bike, a specialist consultancy that helps provide secure and convenient cycle parking.

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