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The inner tube that self heals a puncture

Protek Max

A puncture resistant inner tube sounds like the biking equivalent of the holy grail but tyre maker Michelin is giving it its best shot with the Protek Max inner tube. READ ON

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A tyre that inflates itself


Crowdfunding website Kickstarter has already revealed some interesting cycling projects as inventors look to turn their dreams into reality. We have featured a couple of Kickstarter projects (YouTurn, Flipphandle) before on Going Going Bike, though today’s invention, the PumpTire, has us the most intrigued of all. READ ON

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No holes barred in CTC pothole competition


Potholes are the bane of a cyclist life, we either drop in them while cycling or swerving to avoid them. National cycling organisation CTC has been running a nationwide competition to find the best pothole-fixing council/highway authority with cyclists and motorists encouraged to report potholes, and then see how well and quickly there were filled in. READ ON

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Spring clean – Top 5 tips to sprucing up your bike


Cleaning your bike and getting it ready for a ride is really simple. It’s also a cost effective way of making your bike look great. There are loads of reasons to clean your bike. Making it ride better, last longer and look good are just three of them. READ ON