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Cornwall event to create festival experience for sport

St Michael's Mount and cyclists

A new annual three day festival of sport for the UK is being launched for next year with cycling at its heart. READ ON

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The cycling doctor

Triathlon Bike

Cycling to work has taken on a whole new meaning for one member of the UK workforce. Doctor Ben Harris has been training for Iron Man UK by cycling to treat his patients. READ ON

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Cycling no longer a pastime for children


I was in Derbyshire this past weekend visiting my cousin and was pleasantly surprised to see a house free of consoles and a child’s bike outside that belonged to one of her daughters. My cousin told me that her daughter enjoyed getting out on the bike at every opportunity. READ ON

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The Endurance Coach: Eating low and training high

Endurance Coach

Another guest blog for GGB from Marc Lathwaite, The Endurance Coach, www.theendurancecoach.com

Official guidelines in the 1990’s were unanimous in their recommendation of high carbohydrate intakes for athletes. This recommendation was to ensure adequate glycogen recovery on a daily basis (glycogen is the term given to carbohydrate stored in the liver and muscles). READ ON

23/01/2011 // INFO Triathlon checklist