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Bike crime at railway stations

Bike Parking at a Train Station

Leaving your bike at a railway station is not without its risks. A lot of work has gone into making bike parking at railway stations secure but it won’t stop a determined thief given the range of bikes on offer. Responsibility for tackling bike crime and catching bike thieves at railway stations falls on the British Transport Police. READ ON

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Integrated cycle rail travel gets a boost with £30m funding

Haywards Heath Cycle Hub

We’re not sure about the political timing of this announcement given the recent momentum of The Times’ Cities fit for Cycling campaign but the Government has today announced a £30m package of cycle parking and route developments linked to integrated transport links. READ ON

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Good and bad news for cycling in Budget

Close-up of euro coins spilling out of change purse

Last week saw the latest Budget announcement. Normally, the cycling community wouldn’t batter an eyelid to what the Chancellor announces but there were a couple of titbits that were relevant to cycling this time. READ ON